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The Image Gallery facility is, according to the developers, likely to be phased out in future versions of the software and its use is, therefore, not recommended.

Therefore I am now creating a separate image gallery using a different piece of open source software designed specifically to display images.

It is here.

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  1. Thu 13 of May, 2010 19:30 BST
    Parish Council Meeting
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    Parish Council Meeting
  3. Thu 29 of Apr, 2010 19:00 BST
    St Peter's Annual Church Meeting

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  1. Siamese
  2. Scampi
  3. Spring Show 2010
  4. Spring Show 2010
  5. Spring Show 2010
  6. London to Paris
  7. Sumer show
  8. Sumer show
  9. Sumer show
  10. Bench dedicated to Nick Tyler